Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another Bride Blissed!

Just got back this morning for doing makeup for a bride getting married today.  She is such a nice person, it was really a pleasure.  The greatest part about this wedding is how we got the job.  Our friend Lindsey Larson ( was at the pharmacy getting a prescription filled and the Lindsey happened to mention her name change because she recently got married, August 2009.  The lady at the counter started asking questions about who did her makeup and everything because her daughter had a really awful experience with a makeup trial that she had.  So lovely Lindsey gave her our card and sure enough they called!  We did a trial and she loved it and they booked the day right there.  She made some changes to what she wanted this morning, but she was very satisfied with the end result.  This picture is just one I took, it really doesn't do justice to how pretty she looked.  She will be in Tahiti (jealous) for her honeymoon and then she has promised to send some professional pictures!!  Thank you Robin, you are a beautiful bride, have a beautiful day and rest of your life!  Congratulations!

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  1. So Glad it worked out! I love the perks of refering people. :)