Airbrush Tanning

Did you know we do custom airbrush tanning as well?  Yep, and we will come to your house just to make it easier on you.  Wait, you want to come into a salon?  Well we can offer that too!  We are now also tanning at Coco Beach Salon in Simi Valley.  So stop by and see us and you can tan in a bed and then top it off with an airbrush!  This is perfect for an event, getting ready for summer, or just to look and feel healthy.  We now have five different shades of tanning solution to fit any skin type.  You're gonna want to check it out.  We also have excellent referral programs.  Come with two friends and we will give you your tan for free!  Yep, free!  And to top it off, we will give your friends $15 off just for coming with you.   

If you can't tone it tan it!