Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring's a comin!

So can you believe it?  Spring is almost here!  And boy can I not wait!!  I love spring clothes, makeup, weater, you name it.  Then summer comes and it all just gets a little better.  Can you tell I am a southren Cali girl?  Yep.  And proud of it!

Here are a few photos of what we might see a bit of this year.  These are the most tamed down looks, you know, for normal people. 

I have seen this look a lot.  First of all, colors.  Colors are very popular this spring.  This look is kinda a smokey eye but using the color under the eye.  This color happens to look nice and not too dark, gothic, or straight up funky.

Personal favorite.  Can't wait to try it!  I love the color combo, gold and grays and maybe even a deep gray blue.  I love it.  Like I said, lots of colors this year.  Notice the soft lips in both photos.  Playing up the eyes means down-playing the lips. 

I love this one also.  Not too bold or crazy, but beautiful.  You could wear it every day or night out with a few subtle changes in each direction.  Classic. 

This is opposite of the color eyes and nude lips.  Totally different look, but still beautiful!  I am so gonna rock this look someday!  A tad bit embaressed to say that I have not...

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