Thursday, February 10, 2011

This is how we roll...

So recently we have had the opportunity to attend a few bridal shows including Spanish Hills, Vineyards, Lost Canyons, Hilton, among others.  It is always a pleasure and so much fun.  I mean, seriously, how awesome is our job?  We get to hang out with the happiest people on earth, Brides!  Here are a few pictures of our booth.  Marissa put most of this together, and I mean, really, it looks awesome.  Wouldn't you love to come visit us if you were attending a bridal show?  I totally would.  Check it out!

We had a gift basket for a special winner
Our Booth

Pictures of beautiful brides we've Blissed

Little gift for everyone stopping by

Our brochures
I am so proud of what we have accomplished.  I wish I had a picture of our first bridal show.  Don't get me wrong, we had like three days to get ready and we still did awesome.  But these pictures show how far we have come and what our business is developing into.  And I love it!

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