Monday, February 7, 2011

We're back!

Okay, first let me apoligize for slacking so much.  I moved to France in October and it has been an adjustment.  I have every intention to now keep up this blog, so stay tuned!  Now with that being said...

While I have been here in France I have been able to have quite the experience in wedding dresses!  Imagine that!  I didn't think much about how styles very in countries until I went wedding dress shopping with a friend of mine here.  She is getting married June 25th, and I am soooo bummed I won't be able to go, because we have 3 weddings back home!  Anyway, the styles here are incredible.  People wear exactly what they want.  There is not 'box' to fit into.  There are colors, short, long, huge veils, no veils, you name it.  I was loving the experience.  Here is a similar dress to the one my friend here chose:

I absolutely love it.  I think it is creative and fun.  It expresses who she is.  I just loved it when she told me that is the kind of dress she was looking for and then we found it.  And, believe it or, it was the first one she tried on!  Gotta love that.  What you have to love even more, is that it is a wedding present to her from her sister.  Nice.

So this got me thinking.  A wedding day is the one day in your entire life where everything is about you (and your fiance, of course), and it is okay.  It is an expression of your personalities together.  Celebrating the life that you are going to share together, bringing peices of each person.  I think that brides should be creative with the dress.  Do something fun and daring.  Or not, if that is what you want.  Just don't let any stigma or other people's opinions affect your decision.  Live it up, after all, it is the one day you can be a queen!

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