Monday, February 21, 2011

Lost Canyons Bridal Show

Hello all and beautiful Monday!  How was your weekend?  Good? Great!  I am glad to hear it!  Well, we had a nice one too, thanks for asking!  We went to a bridal show at Lost Canyons and, as always, it was beautiful!  We have done a few weddings before and loved it.  It is such a beautiful location, seriously, overlooking the rolling hills of Simi Valley.  I really don't know why I didn't look into it for my wedding, but hey hinesight's 20/20, right?  Anyway, we were honored to be a preferred vendor at the showcase.  It is always so fun to do shows!  You get to meet with all the brides and talk to them about their big day.  I mean really!  Talking to the happiest people on earth!  As always it was wonderful and there will be more pictures to come!

The photographer that was there was Lukas van Dyke Photography.  He took some great pictures of our work and they are on his blog, so check it out!  He actually took quite a few pictures of most of the vendors there, so if you are in need of a few vendors, or know someone who is, check it out!  He does great work, super fun and creative! 

Well that was our lovely weekend, how about you?  Did you make it to the show?  We would love to hear your thoughts!!

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