Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday!

Hey All!

Today, and possibly every Wednesday, I have decided to link up wiith Jaime at This Kind of Love for a little thing called What I'm Loving' Wednesday. I thought it would be a fun thing to add a little wedding twist to WILW and showcase some wedding loves for the week! Tell me what you think!

Okay so this Wednesday ~
1.) I am loving the weather here in France. I know I just said I would talk about wedding stuff, and I will, but I just had to mention the 60 degree weather we are having in Feburary!! Gotta love it!

2.) I am loving the wedding fashion here in France. To be honest, sometimes I wonder about some of the home decoration options etc. But when it comes to weddings I think they got it right. They are brave with their choices and I love it. It is just one day, you gotta live it up!

3.) I am loving our incredibly busy schedule for this summer, already!!

4.) I am loving that my partner in crime business is coming out to visit me in just less than a month now!! Whooo hooo!!

5.) I am loving this imspiration board/wedding at Style Me Pretty. I just love it when people express their own personalities in weddings and really showcase their own style. Different is cool. Sometimes I wish I could get married all over again every year so that I can try different styles and themes. This particular one wouldn't fit my Bahamian husband, so in this case, I just have to look. Thank you Style Me Pretty!

6.) I am loving this hairstyle with the beautiful hair peice in the side. I think it adds so much. Love it!

Okay! That's all I'm lovin' for today! You can check out Jaime's blog for more what I'm lovin's. Let me know what you think! Maybe I will make it a weekly thing. Now I have to go outside and enjoy this beautiful weather!

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  1. that is awesome that your summer schedule is busy already!! :) you girls will do an awesome job!!