About Us

We are Bliss...

Bliss is a newly formed company, but not without a lot of experience!  Both artists have not only been doing makeup for years, but both graduated college with degrees in business and communications.  So out of their mutual love for makeup artistry and business Bliss was formed!

Natalia is a stay at home mom of two boys, most recent being 3 months old.  She crafty and creative and does most of the designs for Bliss.  She loves her boys but also loves running the business as well.  She is a go-getter who loves to get the ball rolling and is always coming up with ideas.  Her inspiration comes from everywhere!  She loves to travel and lives between three countries, France, Bahamas, and America.  She has been doing makeup for years for friends and family and recently collaborated with Marissa to make a company out of it.  It has been so fulfilling and can't wait to see what the company will become.  With the awesome partnership Marissa and Natalia have along with the big dreams they share for the company, no one can stop them!

Marissa loves to travel as well and see new places.  She loves the artistry that is makeup.  She loves good food and great friends.  Marissa is solid and cautious and thinks through decisions.  She handles the finances and bookkeeping and most of the leg work.  She is also the head makeup artist with the most formal training.  Marissa loves running the business and making it her own and also still being able to enjoy the artistry side of it.  Marissa is always moving forward with big ideas and putting them into action.  She does a lot of market research and comes up with ideas to put them into place. 

Marissa is the Yin to Natalia's Yang.  The ketchup to her french fries.  When you think of an ideal partnership, this is it. They partnership is incredible and I can't see anything that will slow us down.  Watch out world!  Here we come!