Friday, April 23, 2010

Great Makeup Deals!

Okay so today I was browsing the internet checking all kinds of beauty blogs and websites. It was actually kinda fun and enlightening!  There are so many out there and there are a lot of 'elite' beauty blog forums like Beauty Bloggerati and The Beauty Blog Network and I want to be a part of them!  But I bet none of those beauty bloggers got there without a little hard work and a lot of research and writing!  So here I am beginning our cyber journey and I am going to be one of those bloggers one day!!

BUT today I am actually going to share with you some of the awesome websites I found today with some incredible deals!!  First of all, you might have heard of this one if you are in the beauty industry.  If not, CHECK IT OUT because the deals are ridiculous! It is EyesLipsFace Cosmetics.  It has been rumored that Nordstroms is changing the name of their makeup line and they need to sell the left over and that is what e.l.f. is.  Either way, it is incredible deals and I have heard great makeup.  I am going to order some products and write a review on them so stay tuned if you are the type that doesn't want to buy and try, you would rather hear about it first.  I totally understand!

Another site I found and LOVE and any makeup enthusiasts will love also is Daily Makeover.  They have a cute little logo too, huh?  Lips look familiar!  That is okay, we can share, I guess.   At least we know that it is totally cute!  Anyway, check out the website, it has a ton of stuff from makeovers to blogs (where we will be someday!) to beauty tips!  We love it and if you are interested at all in the makeup industry, you will love it too!

I just wanted to post a few more links for everyone.  Macy's, of course, if you are looking for that extra free gift.  I try to never buy without it!  The link will take you directly to the free gift page :).  Another awesome site if you are a bride and you are looking for anything from wedding invitations to thank you notes it is a new company called the Pomegranet Bakset.  The website is  It is relatively new but they have a few projects going right now, and trust me, you will want to see them when they are done!  They are so cute and creative!!

Stay tuned, because we will be posting a lot more!!  We have some professional pictures of the wedding we just did coming up and a few weddings and tanning parties coming up soon.  We might be featured on and have a giveaway there.  We are now very active on Twitter as well, so follow us there!!  We love you followers!

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