Saturday, April 24, 2010

e.l.f. order - SO EXCITED!!

Okay today I am so excited.  I hope that this turns out as exciting as I want it to be!  I found this website that I blogged about yesterday, and it is fantastic.  Actually, by that I only mean that as of now, all I now is that it is inexpensive and gives GREAT deals.  I ordered a TON of product, because I could, because everything costs like a dollar, and I am going to try it all and let you all know what I think!  On the website everything got great reviews, so we will see.  I don't think it will be product that we will be able to use for weddings are anything, but personally it might be great.  Everything we use for our weddings has to last at least 12 hours.  I am sure anyone who has ever been around any weddings or anything would understand that! 

So I ordered 10 mineral eye shadows which were FREE!!! (because I purchased $20 of other product.)  I got nail polish in this hot coral that think will be great and fun for the summer.  I love bright colors for the summer.  I ordered an eye shadow palette for $8.  I mean the deals are incredible.  Like I said, I cannot recommend the product just yet, but I can recommend the price!!  This will be a lot of fun things to add to my makeup collection. 
So after I was done shopping with e.l.f. they sent an e-mail with another awesome website attached.  You have to check this one out too.  It is  It isn't as inexpensive, but it is really cute jewelry.  I haven't ordered anything from there yet, but it looks super cute.  Look at this necklace.  It is called Twisted Stone and Chain Necklace for $21.00.  Not bad price though when you think what you would be paying if you found this in Anthropologie or something like that.  They have earrings, rings, headbands, bracelets, etc.  It also looks like they have been featured in all kinds of magazines, so maybe some of you have heard of them! 

I am so excited to continue my journey in finding the best deals and steals and awesome website to look at.  It has enlightened me so far and I am sure will only get better.  The only downside is my husband and pocket book might not be as excited about it.  But hey, what he doesn't know won't hurt him... right?  My pocketbook will know, I can't keep anything from her...

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