Thursday, June 17, 2010

Meet your new resident airbrush specialists!

Hello, we are Natalia and Marissa.  We started our company last October and recently really started pursuing the business aspect of our company in probably mid January.  As a company we have already done 6 weddings, have at least 4 weddings in the mix, proms, special occasions, multiple wedding shows, 4 tanning parties, and now we are adding resident airbrush specialist to our ever-growing resume!  We are so excited to now be the in house specialists at Coco Beach in Simi Valley.  We have our own room, which will be decorated super cute, and the best part of all is that we can now offer packages!  We have always known that 'double dipping' as they call it, is the best, most effective way to get the smoothest, longest lasting tan.  Double dipping is when you go in the bed for 5 minutes or so and then get the airbrush applied.  Now we can not only recommend this, but we can recommend a place to do it! 
We are highly motivated people.  In the short time we have been doing business we have accomplished so much and feel like this is just the tip of the iceberg!  So we have been looking for a salon to partner with that we know will be able to do their side as far as marketing and advertising our services for us.  We met with the owners of Coco Beach yesterday and were very pleased.  We think this is going to be a really great alliance and cannot wait to get started.  So if you are local, in the Simi Valley area, please stop by Coco Beach Salon in it's new location 1720 Los Angeles Ave #I Simi Valley, CA 93065 or you can call and make an appointment at (805) 520-7800.  If you do, make sure you mention the Bliss Blog and we will be able to offer you a promotion!  Please spread the news as well!  Make sure all your family and friends know that they now can have our wonderful tanning as well as a little time in the beds.  Thank you faithful followers, we are so excited for the direction our business is going in and know that we have so much more potential.  Please leave a comment of encouragement or motivation, we always love to hear from you!
This could be you!


  1. Incredible! I am so excited for Bliss with all the expansions happening already. Congrats!

  2. Wish I lived closer!! I sure could use a nice tan like that! =)

  3. Thanks guys! It is a ton of fun! We love our job!