Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Tanning Product

We have more awesome news... in addition to setting up shop at Coco Beach Tanning we now are adding a new line of tanning products.  We (mostly Marissa) have been doing a ton of research on different tanning solutions and what works best and why different products work best.  We figured out what ingredients are more likely to have an orange-y hue to them and what ingredients won't.  I don't want to bore you with all the details of ingredients, but I do want to tell you that we found one.  And it is PERFECT.  It is Norvell tanning solution.  We just used the dark solution the other night on Marissa's sister-in-law, she was our guinea pig (but hey, she got a free tan!).  It looked incredible!!  Like she had just spent a week in the Bahamas or something.  We obviously want to be expanding our business and we were looking for new solutions so that we would be able to offer a variety of shades for different skin types.  After trying this one, I think we have it.  We used the dark solution on her and she has a nice olive skin tone.  I am more, how you say, white and so we are going to try to regular on me on Wednesday.  I cannot wait. One of the perks of owning this business... :)  We are also trying out some other products from Norvell.  They have a tan extender and a PH equalizer.  The extender does just that, extends your tan.  And the PH equalizer is supposed to balance out your skin before you spray the tanning solution on so that the tan is nice and even.  So far so good, but I think we need to test some more skin types on that one!  There are some other good things about this product.  It doesn't have a nasty tan smell, it actually smells kinda nice.  This is a relief for me and Marissa.  It doesn't feel sticky or dirty after it is done.  It is more comfortable to leave on the necessary amount of time.  So far we LOVE it!  So, if you are in the Simi Valley, Ventura County area, stop by Coco Beach and test it out.  I am sure we could give you some kind of deal...

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