Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tanning for The Tarr Pitt

Good Morning everyone!!

Alysha Tarr is a mommy and wife who had made a little business of her life. (that rhymed!)  You can check out her blog, www.thetarrpit.com for recipes, cute stories, and inspiration.  I enjoy reading it and am a faithful follower!  This morning Bliss Makeup Artistry is going to give Alysha a tan for her Vegas trip she is taking this weekend.  She is then going to write a review about it and a blog post.  Stay tuned for what she says, even though I am completely confident that she will LOVE it.  We have yet to have a client who hasn't.  There is nothing like the instant gratification of being beautifully bronzed.  I once had a client say "If you can't tone it, tan it!"  This is so true.  Tan fat looks better than white fat... hehe.  Stay tuned on our blog and hers for more updates!

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