Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bright, Cheery, and just plain Happy!

I was perusing around the web today looking for some kind of inspiration to get to typing.  I found a few beautiful inspiration boards, but one in particular that caught my eye.  Now I know that everyone is different, but to me it is beautiful.  Sometimes I wish that I could get married over and over again to have different color schemes and use different ideas.  But then the stress of planning an entire wedding every year or so rules that idea out.  I will leave that to the wedding planners of the world and just blog about them instead.  

I think the color yellow is beautiful.  I chose it because I haven't seen it done a lot and it is perfect for the fun summer wedding.  It is bright and cheery and happy, just like your wedding should be.  I would especially like those earrings... :)
I'm happy just looking at it!
Thank you Wedding Blog by With this Favor for the lovely inspiration!  Visit their blog for more inspiration boards, they have some beautiful color combos and lovely creative ideas!


  1. I love yellow too ! I made an inspiration board a few weeks back with yellow and gray :) Love the boards you chose !

  2. Yellow and gray, oooh so pretty!! I love so many color combos, but bright colors always catch my eye!